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Master Health Check

Please take the following measures before you come for the health check-up

Before coming for health check-up, do not take anything but plain water if needed (not even coffee or tea) in the morning. A small stool sample should be brought in a clean plastic or glass container. If desired, the container may be collected from MHC dept.

Do you lead a hectic life, with no time to spare for a health check-up? But you find the time to update your gadgets or get your car serviced. It is unfair that you treat a machine or a gadget with such care while you are flippant about your health. People with busy lifestyles are the ones in dire need of preventive health check-ups, as they deal with stress, have poor eating habits and no exercise. So quit making excuses and give your body the care it deserves.

We have a world-class diagnostics department, with cutting edge infrastructure and the best team of doctors. We offer a bouquet of preventive health check packages that will help you live a worry-free life. To fix up an appointment, just give us a call.

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