We have comprehensive patient care set up to provide world-class diagnostic and treatments to our patients. Our latest technologies and equipment have made us evolve into a rare centre of excellence.

We believe in offering dedicated services to humanity and thus we offer round the clock services in the department of emergency, critical care ambulance, Accidental, imaging and laboratory. Our Blood bank is also equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to collect, process and supply human blood as needed including facilities for plasmapheresis.

Emergency Help:

We have a scientifically developed protocol-driven emergency system that has several innovative and unique features. Ambulances that are well equipped with necessary tools and is manned by trained personnel.

We have an effective communication system that links our control rooms to our ambulances and the emergency facilities of our hospital. We have common functional and medical protocols across the system. We also provide training for our medical staff for pre-hospital and in-hospital care.